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  1. Navigate to the Squarespace Page where you want to show the Instagram feed. Navigate to the top right in the dark header of the block section and click the '+' button. When the popover shows, click the content blog ' Embed '. Once you see a pop-up, click the code icon
  2. To find your Instagram embed code, just click 'Display' after . Then, you just need to copy and paste the embed code. Our embed code will automatically create a responsive layout for your Instagram feed (e.g, wall, grid, or carousel layout), but you can overwrite its styles with a few lines of CSS
  3. Embedded Instagram feeds showcase your expertise on your website. For people who may not be on Instagram, this offers additional exposure to your expertise. Think of it as additional site content. Giving your visitors more is always a great idea. Plus, you're increasing the visibility of your Instagram posts. While Instagram's daily active user base is substantial, it's still not as huge as its parent company, Facebook, which ha

When people own their Instagram account and content in it, each embedded post will give proper attribution by displaying the owner's username of that particular post as well as the link to the post owner's feed. To get an Instagram post's embedded HTML code, click its Embed Button or query the [ GET /o embed ] endpoint. You can also query the [ GET /p/{post-url}/media ] parameter to get a thumbnail image of your preferred post, but you should provide content owner attribution if you do in. Embed an instagram feed. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 10 months ago. Active 1 year, 1 month ago. Viewed 2k times 4. 1. I am looking to simply add a instagram feed onto a cms website - I have got an api code/secret key to use - but the instagram instructions make absolutely no sense. I can see how to embed one post - but not an entire feed (i am not a developer so I donlt understand how to write.

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  1. Log in to your Instagram Click on your profile picture to view all your photos Click on the photo you would like to embed Click on the three dots that appeared to see more option
  2. To embed an entire Instagram feed, you can use the Taggbox Instagram feed widget that will help you connect your Instagram account and curate the entire feed through hashtag(#), handle(@), mentions, etc. and then you can embed that feed into your webpages
  3. You can embed your Instagram feed on your website or blog by simply adding your Javascript code (recommended) or the iFrame code. Click on ' website embed ', copy the code, and it's done! Embedding the code from elink on a website The perfect place to embed the code depends on the website or the platform you're using
  4. Instagram Photo Display Tools - Embed Instagram Feed. Embedding Instagram Feeds on your social media feed wall opens a doorway for your website traffic to visit your Instagram profile and enhance the activity on your Instagram handle. This helps to enhance your overall social influence. User-Generated Content plays a major role in Instagram feeds
  5. In this post, we are happy to give visibility to some websites that they are using the plugin Enjoy Instagram feed to display the Instagram feeds on their websites.. Some customers that use Grid Instagram feed. 1) Instax Instant Photography, a brand of instant still cameras and i nstant films marketed by Fujifilm, choose the plugin Enjoy Instagram feed to display its Instagram contents
  6. Just like in the actual Instagram platform, eCommerce brands with an embedded Instagram feed also have the ability to connect the feed directly with products in your brand catalogue. But rather than filtering people from Instagram to your website, embedded Instagram feeds are designed to keep people on your website until they make a purchase
  7. Instagram's Own Embed Tools Instagram itself has an easy embed feature that lets you add single posts to any area of WordPress, just as I've done below. All I had to do was copy and paste the url of the post, which you can get by visiting Instagram in a browser rather than in the app
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Official Instagram embedding tool is an easy way to add your insta feed in your website. Its fairly easy task just log in your insta account click on the post you want to embed. After that click on the three vertical dots and choose to embed. You get the HTML code copy this code and paste the code in your website Based on my experience, there are three reasons why brands embed Instagram feeds on their websites: Boost engagement on your website; Drive conversions and sales; Increase the number of followers on Instagram; All of those goals should be in the heart of every marketing team's plans but let's take a closer look at how an embedded Instagram feed can help you achieve them. 1 Boost engagement on.

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The Instagram oEmbed endpoint is only meant to be used for embedding Instagram content in websites and apps. It is not to be used for any other purpose. Using metadata and page, post, or video content (or their derivations) from the endpoint for any purpose other than providing a front-end view of the page, post, or video is strictly prohibited Embed Instagram: Get the URL for instagram photo or video you want to embed and paste here to get the embed code ↑ Choose Size: 640 500 400 320. Height Offset: Caption: Copy and paste this embed code in your blog or website: Tips: Offset = 40px for the bottom like/comment bar, 25 per caption line. Service by picodash. Embed Instagram Feed On Website — T ry Taggbox Widget(Start 14 days free trial) Tagembed. Tagembed is another tool to embed Instagram feeds on your website. This is a budget-friendly tool that is perfect for small businesses. There are different plans from which you can get a different number of feeds displayed on your website. You can also start with the basic plan that will not charge any.

How to embed Intagram feed on HTML website - no programming required! Detailed guide on installing an Instagram widget with Elfsight Apps cloud service To embed an Instagram hashtag feed on your website, instead of selecting the User Account option for displaying photos, you'll need to click the Hashtag option. Then enter the hashtags you'd like to display in your feed. You can showcase multiple hashtags by separating each one with a comma The Instagram Feed app is just one example of a library of apps that are easy to install with step-by-step instructions, or use the Microsoft Sharepoint Instagram Feed embed code. Check out all of the options in the POWR app library or consider subscribing to POWR Business which gives you the full access to the entire suite, including the Instagram Feed app

The tool enables you to produce an Instagram content feed and embed it to your site to improve the time of the visitors spent on the website and perhaps conversions, accordingly. Key features. Content moderation facility intended to filter the pertinent content for your Instagram feed. Feed customizations with themes, designs, layouts, and styling. API access to the feed for further. How To Embed Instagram Feed On WordPress Using EmbedPress. You can embed links for more than 75+ sources anytime you want with EmbedPress just within a click. It helps you to embed any images, videos, GIFs, posts, audio clips, maps, and many more except Instagram feed. Let's check out the step by step guideline below to know how to embed Instagram feed on WordPress using EmbedPress: Pick.

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Here is how to Embed Instagram feed on your website. Create a free account for EmbedAlbum. Go to Instagram albums and click 'Add new'. Connect your Instagram account and create a new widget. Copy the embeddable code and paste it into your website Handy if you're creating an embed feed for showcasing your video content from Instagram and vice versa with photos. Open posts in, here select from Do Not Open, Popup box, Same tab, or New tab. The above is an example of the popup box in action, and you'll notice the arrows, which allow for navigation through your Instagram posts

I've learned that Instagram have closed off all their old APIs, which are all the old answers i've found in the solutions all over Stackoverflow or in tutorials anywhere online. The only one left on Instagram's developer website restricts me to getting my own feed and embedding that, while I need to access a public feed Instagram-Feed in Webseite einbinden. Wer gerne seine Instagram-Bildchen in eine Webseite einbinden möchte, kann dafür auf externe Tools oder eine lokale Lösung zurückgreifen. Nachdem ich einiges durchprobiert habe, kann ich als lokale Lösung Spectragram empfehlen. Eventuell ist zudem lightwidget hilfreich. Nicht von mir getestet, aber mögliche Alternativen sind: Snapwidget; Juicer.io. The newest version of Instembedder's Instagram Widget is more user-friendly and contains up-to-date features that integrates beautifully into your website, including a responsive design and faster loading speed. In addition, get more frequent photo updates (every 30 mins as oppposed to 2-3 hours) to your gallery if you connect via instagram before generating your code. Pro Version is now. Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin. If you're using a site based on the WordPress framework, and you're having trouble with either of the above embed methods - or if you simply want something with more control to it - you can use a WordPress plugin for your Instagram embeds. The Instagram Feed plugin is one such option. This particular plugin is developed and maintained by Smash Balloon. Click here to see an Instagram feed made with SociableKIT. SociableKIT offers a 7-days free trial. Their pricing is $4/feed/month if you buy 5 feeds. $2.50/feed/month if you buy 10 or more feeds. $8/month if you buy only one feed. Thank you! Thank you for learning from CodeOfaNinja! I hope you learned how to add, display, or embed Instagram.

There is no direct implementation to instagram feed embed. https://www.instagram.com/developer/embedding/ But there are third party tools which provide Instagram feed to be embed to your website. Try free tools such as https://www.pixlee.com/social-feed to embed to your website. You can try the following free tools in the article. http://www.developerdrive.com/2017/09/how-to-embed-an-instagram-feed To enable Profanity Filter, click on the checkbox and finally click on Create Widget. STEP 4 : Click on feeds located on the left side of your screen. A drop down menu appears. Click on Add Feed. STEP 5 : In the popup, select Instagram as your source of fetching your desired content

On the pop-up, name your custom Instagram feed. On the drop-down, select the Instagram Feed On Your Website option. Enter your Instagram username, without the @ sign. Click the NEXT button Embed Instagram Feeds in WordPress with Spotlight. Adding an Instagram feed to your WordPress site is a great way to gain new followers, increase engagement with site visitors, and keep your website looking fresh. Get started with Spotlight for Instagram. Gabriella Galea. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on email. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on email. We're proud to.

LightWidget is a neat and responsive plugin for Instagram feed to be added to websites. It creates both social media walls and embedded feed into blogs, to easily connect your audience with that Instagram account you desire. LightWidget can easily be embedded into WordPress sites, Shopify, Drupal, and any HTML websites If you want to show off your latest pictures on your blog, your best option is to embed your Instagram feed into WordPress. The Social Images Widget plugin lets you do that in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is authorize the plugin to connect to your Instagram account, choose where to place the widget, and tweak a few settings if you like When you embed one of your Instagram photos or videos on a website or in a blog post, anyone who has access to that website or blog post will be able to see your photo or video. About the Book Author. Jenn Herman is a social media consultant, speaker, and globally recognized Instagram expert. Eric Butow is the owner of Butow Communications Group and the author of 30+ tech and computing books.

It includes a load more button and an Instagram follow button, which can be displayed or disabled. In order to connect your Instagram feed, install the plugin and select Instagram Feed in the dashboard menu. In the Configure tab click the Instagram button. This will log into your Instagram account and obtain your access token and user ID for you Embed a Hashtag Feed Using The WordPress Classic Editor. If you're using the classic WordPress editor to embed your Instagram hashtag feed, follow the steps above to add a new page. Then on your new page, paste this shortcode ['instagram-feed] to display your Instagram feed Adding an Instagram Feed is one of the effective ways to make your website more engaging and socialized. It allows the audience to know about your Instagram activities directly from your website and keep them updated about your recent works. By doing so, you can boost the engagements your Instagram posts and can even convert your visitors into your Instagram follower and increase the social reach of your website

Embed additional buttons with a call to get subscription and uplift the amount of subscribers of your Instagram account. Higher engagement of readers Astonish visitors and evolve maximum emotions, using content from Instagram, to get deeper interaction. Create Instagram Feed and embed it into your iFrame websit Get Started Here https://www.powr.io/plugins/instagram-feed/standaloneHow to Add Free Microsoft Sharepoint Instagram Feed Plugin in Minutes:Step 1: Create.. Instagram Feed Themes - Sticking To The Same Filter. This is probably one of the easiest ways to achieve consistency in your feed. Applying the same filter can keep your gallery organized in an instant, play with a few filters until you find one that inspires you. 10. White Borders Instagram Feed Theme. Using white borders create space in your photos. It looks simple, yet it makes your post. To embed Instagram feed in HTML websites using an Instagram aggregation tool can help the most to get an HTML code. Though you can embed an Instagram feed on your HTML website with the help of Instagram as well, but not with the liberty to modify and synchronize that feed's layout according to your website's user interface. Different Ways To Embed Instagram Feed on HTML . Let's get into.

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  1. Enter your Instagram username, without the @ sign. Click the Next button. This will show you the customization options. Click the </> Embed On Website button located on the upper-right corner of the screen
  2. Step 1: Adding Elementor Instagram Widget. Step 2: Add Instagram Username to Display your Instagram Feed. Step 3: Instagram Widget Feed Settings. Step 4: Customization in Instagram Widget General Tab. Step 5: Instagram Widget Style Tab. Get the Instagram Widget for Elementor now! Displaying Instagram Feed on your Elementor site is a great way to.
  3. Once logged in, click the + Create Solution button. On the pop-up, name your custom Instagram feed. On the drop-down, select the Instagram Feed option. Enter your Instagram username, without the @ sign
  4. Embed your Instagram feed on your website. You can either display posts from your own Instagram feed or any other user's Instagram feed. Plus, TwineSocial includes powerful hashtag searching, so you can display Instagram posts by hashtag on your website. To publish, simply embed two lines of code on your site. Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. Embed a Instagram Feed on Your Website.
  5. Methods to Embed Instagram hashtag feed on Website. Let's get your business profile embedded on your website and see Instagram work as a discovery engine for your brand. Here are some ways to embed Instagram hashtag feed on the website. 1. Snapshot to Display. Photos add colors to a website and make it look good. Visual content is more likely to interact with the viewers and engage them by.
  6. You can embed your Instagram feed directly into a template file by using the WordPress do_shortcode function: <?php echo do_shortcode('[instagram-feed]'); ?>. My Feed Stopped Working - All I see is a Loading Symbol. If your Instagram photos aren't loading and all your see is a loading symbol then there are a few common reasons: 1) There's an issue with the Instagram Access Token that you.

How to Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress Blog Footer. Once you've installed the above plugin and set it up, there are two ways we can embed Instagram feed to footer. Method 1: Insert Headers and Footers plugin. This method involves yet another plugin. It offers more customization options. It's pretty much simple to setup too. The method involves installing a plugin and publishing Instagram. Instagram Feed ist kostenlos, die Premium-Version WordPress Social Feed kostet $27. Download . 20. Simple Instagram Feed. Mit dem Plugin Simple Instagram Feed könnt ihr die neuesten Bilder eures Instagram Profils in WordPress anzeigen lassen. Das geht als Widget, per Shortcode oder mit einem Codeschnipsel in einem Template eures Themes. Selbst festlegen könnt ihr dabei, wie viele Bilder. Instafeed is an official Instagram app Display custom shoppable Instagram feeds on your Shopify store with Instafeed

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LightWidget is a responsive widget for Instagram. You can embed our widgets on your website, blog, online store etc. You can generate various types of widgets with multiple options like hover effects, captions, padding, square crops, hashtag filtering and more. Each widget can support breakpoints so you can adjust how the widget will be. Instagram feeds (or Instafeeds) can provide so many benefits to your brand. The most obvious of which is to help you expand the reach of your social posts, increasing their visibility and thus their impact. Expanding the value of posts on social can help you to build and foster a stronger social community- which is essential towards creating an authentic brand that users inherently.

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Embed instagram feed. How to create your instagram style. By mediabeta. As with anything in marketing and branding, we need to have a style that defines our brand. If we... 1. How to create a multi-image post. By mediabeta. Storytelling is the trend of the moment in social media, and all the big platforms are working to provide more... 1. Instagram adds stickers based on the location. Download AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro for an awesome Instagram integration in the simplest form. 2.Taggbox Instagram Widget Plugin Taggbox Widget is the best Instagram widget plugin for WordPress websites with a simple and interactive interface to integrate Instagram feeds on websites. It allows you to embed Instagram feeds in the most fashionable and attractive way

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Embed. It's really that simple and it's not just us who says it. Here's how real people feel about Spotlight → Real people with real websites ↓ The best Instagram feed solution on the market. Great UX and a speed & reliability-focused team. Top marks. Richard. I've used other Instagram feed plugins before and this one is the best! Plenty of customizable options, setup was easy, and. IMPORTANT: Due to the recent Instagram API changes, in order for the Instagram Feed plugin to continue working after June 1st you must obtain a new Access Token by using the Instagram button on the plugin's Settings page. This is true even if you recently already obtained a new token. Apologies for any inconvenience. 1.4.5. New: When you click on the name of a setting on the plugin's. How to embed Instagram feed in a website. By Pranay . 06 May '20 · 5977 views ; Internet-tips Instagram-graph-api . This post is used to get recent feed from your Instagram account and show them in your website automatically. We retrieve the Instagram feed by calling the Instagram API from any server side language. It includes generation of Access Token to your app using Instagram developer. Embed instagram feed options 1. Taggbox. Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool. It aggregates with multiple social media platforms, Instagram being a major one of them. It discovers, collects, curates, and displays Instagram feeds in real-time and lets you easily embed it on your website. All you need to do is create an Instagram Wall with Taggbox, generate embed code from Taggbox, copy it.

You can embed Instagram videos or pictures on your web page. When you embed one of your Instagram posts, anyone with a link to that post will be able to see it.You can only embed public posts. Private posts cannot be embedded. This wikiHow article will teach you how to embed an Instagram post Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website: 5 Amazing Tools Instagram Official Embedding. Instagram offers inbuilt plugin functionality to embed feed on the website. The photo display tool functionality is becoming a trusted way for the user to embed Instagram feed. One can use the Instagram plugin to embed a streamline of photos on WordPress or any other website. The tool is free of cost and also very easy to use but after all these, It severely lacks the feature to do personalisation and. How to Embed Your Instagram Feed in Your Shogun Pages. To get started, drag the Instagram Element onto your page. From here, you will need to add your account in order to display your feed. You can choose to hide the description of the images from the Instagram Element. Simply toggle this in the right-hand menu of the editor. Changing The Amount of Pictures Shown. Shogun gives you control of. With Instagram Embed, you can easily embed your pictures and videos from Instagram into your blog or website. Just enter the web address (or URL) of any Instagram picture (or video) and click the Generate button. You may also enter short URLs (like bit.ly or Twitter's t.co) and the tool will auto-expand the URLs before generating the embed code We've found two great third-party Instagram feeds that work well in Showit sites using our Embed Code widget. Snapwidget.com & Lightwidget.com. Using Snapwidget.com (Free or Paid) The free widget includes ads in the feed. The paid plans start at $6/mo. (see their pricing page) Go to https://snapwidget.com/ Create a free accoun

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To add and set up the Instagram Feed app: Open the App Market : Wix Editor: Click the App Market icon on the left side of your Editor. Editor X: Click the App Pane l icon on the top bar. Type Instagram Feed in the search bar and select Instagram Feed from the drop-down menu. Click Add to Site This is the Vanilla JavaScript version of the jQuery instagramFeed plugin, which helps you create a gallery fetching and displaying Instagram photos from any user (or any tag you provide) on your webpage.. Without the need of the Instagram access token. How to use it: 1. Download and load the minified version of the instagramFeed library in the document How to Add an Instagram Feed to WordPress. As outlined above, it's easy to embed photos and videos on your WordPress website. However, you can also add entire feeds. This is a great way to keep your readers updated, but it can also be used within pages and posts to embed the feeds of others Multiple user accounts. It allows you to include unlimited user accounts. Shows different feeds, either on the same page or throughout your site. Customization for each feed, gallery's options for different users with their own layout and settings. Multiple feed types into one single feed, as photo, gifts or video

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Sign in to your Instagram account and allow the app to access your account. Provide your Instagram account's web address. Click Embed in Your Site (or something similar, such as Generate Embed Code) to generate the embed code. Copy and paste the embed code on the backend of your website on the web page where you would like the feed to appear HTML5 Tips: Add Your Instagram Feed to Your Site. Why take all those pretty photos with Instagram if you can't show them off to as many people as possible? Luckily for Wix users, now there's a simple way to display your Instagram feed directly on your HTML5 website. With just a few simple steps, you can integrate your pics into your website using the Instagram add-on. Add photos from. If you're reading this prior to July 31, 2018, I recommend waiting until August to start really looking for an Instagram embedded feed app. There's a chance they simply won't work after that date, and you'll be out of luck, along with all the rest of us. We'll find out! Related posts: How to Post Photos to Instagram from a Desktop Computer. Free Services to Schedule Your Instagram. Embed Instagram Shoppable Feed. This is an extended version of basic Instagram feed embedding, Shoppable post allows you to link products to your feed make it easier for the users to buy the products from the platform itself. You need to provide tags to the product (s) in the post to make them shoppable for consumers Laravel Instagram Feed. Easily include your Instagram feed(s) in your project. The aim of this package is to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible to include your Instagram feed in your project, using Instagram's Basic Display API. The package is made so that ideally the view is almost always just using cached data, and the feed itself will be updated at a schedule of your choosing, using Laravel's great scheduling features. The feed is also designed to be resilient, so that you.

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Embed a social media feed on your website in less than 5 minutes. Enjoy advanced moderation features, customisable design and responsive layout There are many ways to embed Instagram into WordPress websites and blogs. Pin an Instagram badge on it. This is one of the simplest ways to share your Instagram account with your website's fans, but also one of the least visually appealing. A badge basically encourages your users who already have Instagram accounts to follow you. That's great for the 17 percent, but for the res Instagram Photos Feed - You can embed Instagram feed of any Instagram user, as long as you have an access to that account. You will need to generate an Access Token of the account and that requires the details. Real Time Updates - Your new Instagram photos will be visible in the feed instantly

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Inserting Instagram Feeds into any filterable text fields (body, long text, long text with summary) using special button in WYSIWYG editor, or into any other place as a block; Custom permissions for creating new Instagram Feeds, managing images and inserting Feeds via WYSIWYG editor; Adding Instagram users in the black list ; Hiding images that flagged by users as inappropriate until moderator. If you're looking for a user and SEO-friendly solution to bring multiple Instagram feeds to your website - opt for 10Web Social Photo Feed. This plugin is ideal for bloggers who are looking to display their feed or multiple feeds on their website. It is fully responsive which means that your photos will be perfectly displayed on any device I think Instagram is my favorite social media, and today I'm going to show you how to embed an Instagram feed on your blog. And if you're looking for more denim inspiration, never fear, Sabra has you covered today with what to do with your old jeans. I love that Instagram is short, sweet, and to the point with the visual Office 365 / SharePoint Online - Is it Possible to Embed a Twitter Feed on a Modern Page? I'm currently using a modern web part 'Embed', but having no luck so far

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Embed RSS feed, Google Calendar, Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram widget on any website or blog in just minutes. You can customize layout and design without coding knowledge. It updates content on the widget automatically once you insert it on your site This will show you how to easily get your Instagram feed and individual images displayed inside WordPress. At nearly 100 million users Instagram is a huge social network. One that rides the exploding number of happy snappers with smartphones. Read some crazy Instagram stats here. Embedding Instagram images into WordPress 1. Find the image on How to embed your Instagram feed and images into. Buy Instagram Feed - jQuery Plugin to Embed Instagram Photos by MuseTemplatesPro on CodeCanyon. This jQuery Plugin allows you to embed Instagram Photos Feed into your sites. You can display the photos of any Insta..

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As you know, Instagram is one of the apps that have the most users in the world. Therefore, Instagram is an influential platform that can be used to drive traffic to your WordPress site.In this article, we will show you how to add Instagram Feed to WordPress using an Instagram Feed plugin by Smash Balloon Embed an Instagram Account Feed. Steps on how to generate an Instagram account feed and embed it on any website. Written by Marija Updated over a week ago Here are the steps on how to use EmbedFeed and display the entire Feed of your Instagram account posts on any website. First, log. Easily create a Instagram widget to share your Instagram feed on your site. Instagram widgets can be customized to match any site design too 6 Game-Changing Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress; 2 Easy Ways to Embed a Twitter Widget on Your Website; How to Embed Instagram Feeds on Your Website With Ease; Embed Facebook Feed: The Easy Way to Add Facebook To Your Website; YouTube Widget Adds Video to Your Website Fast; How to Add a WordPress Social Media Plugin to Your Website with.

By embedding Instagram Feeds on the website you are providing user-generated content to the audience. The Instagram wall on the website will compel the visitors to spend more time on the website and hence this will help you to increase the engagement on the website. Now, we will discuss how you can embed live Instagram feed on the website. Here. Step 3: Embed your code in your store. Insert the code into a theme template; Insert the code into a page; Add Instagram Feed to Shopify using Apps; Summary; Step 1: Generate Access Token. The very first step that you must do is to get your Instagram access token by generating one. There is a website that supports you to get access token. Just click on the Gen access token button and then. How to Embed Instagram feed? Forums › Help and How To › How to Embed Instagram feed? This topic has 3 replies, 2 voices, and was last updated 1 month, 1 week ago by Printninja. Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total) Author. Posts # Pauiprou. Member. Hi, I tried the drag and drop embed instagram feature. I added the URL of my Instagram in Otions but it doesn't work. The sample URL. Want to add an Instagram photo feed to your WordPress site? We've shared plenty of Instagram plugins in the past, but we've never actually shown you how to go in and add an Instagram picture feed to your WordPress website. Let's change that! In this post, I'm going to show you step by step how you can automatically import Instagram photos to your WordPress site

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