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Das Board of Directors (englisch für wörtlich etwa ‚Verwaltungsrat' oder ‚Direktorium') ist im anglo-amerikanischen Raum das Leitungs- und Kontrollgremium eines Unternehmens. Meist vereinigt es in etwa die Funktionen von Vorstand und Aufsichtsrat einer deutschen Aktiengesellschaft und stellt somit ein monistisches System der Unternehmensführung dar A board of directors is a group of people who jointly supervise the activities of an organization, which can be either a for-profit or a nonprofit organization such as a business, nonprofit organization, or a government agency The Board of Directors is authorised, with the consent of the Supervisory Board, to establish further details concerning the issuing and structuring of the bonds, in particular, the interest rate, issue price, term and denomination, provisions on protection against dilution, as well as the option or conversion period, or the Board of Directors can do so in [... A board of directors is a group of individuals elected to represent shareholders and establish and support the execution of management policies. Education Genera

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Board of Directors Aufsichtsgremium {n} board of directors [supervisory board] Aufsichtsrat {m} Association's Board (of Directors) Vereinsvorstand {m} Board of Directors table Vorstandstisch {m} board of directors' meeting Aufsichtsratssitzung {f}econ. board of executive directors [uncommon term in the U.S.] Vorstand {m} [einer Aktiengesellschaft]econ Legal Definition of board of directors. : a group of individuals elected by the shareholders of a corporation to manage the corporation's business and appoint its officers Der Begriff Board of Directors geht weiter un. Aufsichtsrat ist nur mit supervoisory board zu übersetzen, aber niemals board of director. Bei den folgenden Bezeichnungen handelt es sich um die Mitglieder des Boards eines britische. The directors collectively are referred to as a board of directors The board of directors is the highest governing authority within the management structure at a corporation or publicly traded business. The board owes a company's shareholders the highest financial duty under American law, known as a fiduciary duty The individuals who are selected to be on the board of directors of a corporation have overall responsibility for the activities of the corporation. A corporate board is not responsible for day-to-day decision-making; the daily decisions are made by the corporation's executives and managers. The corporate officers are the people who head departments, and these executives are responsible for running the business

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  1. June 2, 2020 - Board directors and executives can pool their wisdom to help companies grapple with the challenge of a lifetime. Interview How the CFO enables the board's success—during COVID-19 and beyond. May 20.
  2. d when discussing or voting on issues. They often have deep corporate knowledge and may be C-suite executives, executive directors, retired company executives, union representatives, or.
  3. Functions of a Board of Directors. In a broad sense, a corporate board of directors acts as a fiduciary for shareholders. The board is also tasked with a number of other responsibilities, including the following: Creating dividend Dividend A dividend is a share of profits and retained earnings that a company pays out to its shareholders
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  5. Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Today, Tesla builds not only all-electric vehicles but also infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products
  6. A 2006-04-04: The board of directors may appoint... F 2006-03-24: C.E.O. - president - board of dire... A 2005-09-30: I agree with Bernie on 'mandate'. A 2005-01-20: Election(s) to the board of directors... A 2003-10-09: The Board of Directors F 2003-10-09: The Board of Directors.... » Im Forum nach board of directors suchen » Im Forum nach board of directors fragen: Recent Searches.
  7. Directors, or members of the board of directors, elect corporate board officers who manage the daily activities of the corporation. Even though a corporation is managed by its directors, and directors have the authority to make decisions for the corporation, corporate board officers make many decisions on behalf of the directors. An officer's responsibilities might encompass executing on the.

Board of Directors (BOD) also referred to as Board of the company, Trustee of the company. It can also be said that directors are the real brain of the company. A person on the board of directors can be a director or the officer in the company. Structure of the Board of Director. Chairman: Chairman is the top of all board of director, He can be executive as well as non-executive person. He is. The board of directors is made up of multiple individuals who work together to determine a strategy or direction for the company moving forward. In many cases, the board will feature members from diverse backgrounds who bring their unique insights to discussions about the company's future. In most boards, each member has an approximately equal say, though some companies do have nonvoting. Since May 2014, she has served on the board of directors of Liquidity Services Inc., an online marketplace for retail goods and capital assets, and currently serves as chair of the compensation committee and member of the audit committee. Since October 2017, she has served as director of Ribbon Communications, a cloud communications company formed from the merger of Sonus Networks and Genband. Inveritas 2002-2004, management consultant and Board Director. Bankgirot AB 2004-2008, CEO during deregulation of EU payment area. Tieto Corporation 2008-2013, Executive Vice President and member of the Corporate Leadership team, responsible for Scandinavia and more.Current positions professional Board Director and Business Advisor in own company Directors (Board of directors) Letzter Beitrag: 11 Sep. 09, 14:32: Bei den folgenden Bezeichnungen handelt es sich um die Mitglieder des Boards eines britische 3 Antworten: board of directors - Aufsichtsrat: Letzter Beitrag: 11 Okt. 10, 08:19: Aufsichtsrat heisst korrekt Supervisory Board. Der Begriff Board of Directors geht weiter un 9 Antworten: board of directors - Aufsichtsrat.

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Director B] proposes including this item on the agenda of the next Sowaer Board of Directors' meeting. eur-lex.europa.eu Verwaltungsratsmitglied B] schlägt vor, diesen Pun kt auf di e Tagesordnung der nächs te n Verwaltungsratssitzung d er Sowae r zu setzen Board of Directors Kennametal Board of Directors. Lawrence W. Stranghoener. Chairman of the Board. Joseph Alvarado. Cindy L. Davis. William M. Lambert. William J. Harvey. Lorraine Martin. Chris Rossi. Sagar A. Patel Steven H. Wunning. Support. Chat With an Expert Available Now Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm ET. Global Support. Shop. Shop Kennametal Merchandise. Find Us on Ariba. Careers. Work for.

Chair of the Board (COB), auch Chair oder Chairman of the Board, bezeichnet im anglo-amerikanischen Raum den Vorsitzenden des Leitungs- und Kontrollgremiums eines Unternehmens (Board of Directors).Zunehmend wird diese angelsächsische Titulierung im Zuge der Internationalisierung von Unternehmen auch im deutschsprachigen Raum (etwa den Vorsitzenden des Aufsichtsrats) verwendet, ohne dass sie. The Board of Directors reviews its performance and working methods annually. The evaluation is usually conducted as a self-assessment and its results are reviewed and discussed at the Board meeting in December. Directors evaluate the Board's and committees' performance of their duties and responsibilities, Board and committee composition and structure, Board culture, effectiveness of Board. The Board of Directors supervises the performance of the company, its management and organisation on behalf of the shareholders. It also participates in determining the company strategy. Executive Management, in turn, has responsibility for the company's daily operations. The two bodies are separate, and no person serves as a member of both. Helge Lund. Chair of the Board. Chair of the.

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